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Step 1: (recommended) Please give us PM with your Business website link before placing order. We will do initial research on your website for free to check whether this program will benefit you or not. We value your investment. We will get back to you sample list of keywords we will be working. And to be honest, We do not work on all Niche.

Step 2: Incase you do not follow step 1, we may or may not work on your website. And if you followed Step 1, that's fantastic. That means we have reached in contract. In this stage, You will need to provide us access to your website with a separate wordpress installation. We will help you to do so. And will give you some synonymous sample posts which will be created around your keywords for your approval.

Step 3: We will get back to you with Complete Keywords List (upto 5000 keywords) Your keywords will include your business related possible queries (based on adwords tool, judgments, and your website content) plus your single business location. All posts will be created around your keywords for optimization.

Final Step: We will upload all posts from our local environment to your website and will schedule posts as per your requirement so that all seems natural to google.

Optional: We will provide you Google's Rank Report after we receive request from you to our inbox at least one month later of the order completion.

Our Previous SEO Projects Proved That Hundreds of Keywords ranks on Google's First Page... Amazing isn't it
We are SEO professional working on freelancing basis since 2006. So, you can count on us. We believe in Honesty, Hard Work and Delivery as promised.

Regular Market Price $10000+
Now only $1199 For Limited Time

We do not work on Porn, Alcohol, Financial Institution, Dating, Insurance, Politics, Making money programs, Stone Selling, Fortune Telling, Gambling, Illegal sites, Bars, Pubs, Music, Movies, Games, etc. So, before placing order, please contact us.

With sample Google Rank Report
(shared with permission from few clients of seocheckout.com)

>>> 5000+ Keywords <<<
Regular Market Price $10000+
Now only $1199 For Limited Time

Regular Market Price $10000+
Now only $1199 For Limited Time

1. Unlimited Keywords means upto 5000 Keywords for this service.
2. We do not guarantee ranks in this package. But our experience shows many/hundreds keywords ranks on Google' s first page. So, you can expect goods results generally
3. No refund after completion of work. That's a plenty of work.
4. Keyword Lists are provided by us after analyzing Site. A keyword is typically your business related keyword plus your business location. We generate keyword ideas through analyzing your site, google tools, and brainstorming.
5. We will build synonymous spunned contents around all keywords. Each Article or Content will be around between 150 -200 keywords per keyword. The contents will be very much readable. Each Article will include Basic form, your Google map so that each article can interact visitor very easily.
6. The above setup requires separate wordpress, preferably in subdomain. Therefore, your main website is completely untouched by us. No risk of your site's privacy. Yet, improving your domain's ranks for relevant keywords. That's how you are in total control.
7. We do not work on all niche due to our firm's culture, norms, values. So, we reserve the right to cancel your order at beginning of work at Step 1.
8. You must have capnel-based good hosting with good web space to digest this program
9. Your hosting must have cron-jobs enabled since all posts will be scheduled related to your business keywords.

User Ratings

  • dccolt
    dccolt 9 months ago

    Working with this seller has been great! His communication from day one was great. He also got the job done in one week, which was amazingly fast. AND, most importantly, the product he delivered is outstanding!

    When ordered the service, I was a little worried about the price because I wasn't sure what I was going to get for my small business website... but now that he delivered his service, I tipped him a lot more because what he does is great!

    Job well done! Thank you. From one satisfied

    • OnPageShot

      Very patient, understanding and co-operative buyer. It has been a great experience working with you. We wish you all the best with your business endeavors. Just leave a message to inbox if any further assistance required.

      Thank you

Buyers Comments

  • OnPageShot

    sorry missed your comment. Hundreds of keywords should rank on google top page since we target long tailed local keywords. If you can share your site details, we can give you more info.

    23 days ago
  • wordman1


    I do local seo work for clients all over the US. I do many lead generation sites and then clients purchase the leads from me. You your system work for this business model? Would you consider partnering up with me to bring in clients from the US for you?

    If your system works as strongly as you say on here, I could bring us in a great many clients in thelocal marketplace as well as lead generation.


    23 days ago
  • OnPageShot

    Thats great. Our system works and can bring hundreds of local based keywords on Google's top page. You are welcome.


    20 days ago
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