• 230 Google Maps embeds and Backlinks - Local SEO
I will embed Maps in 230 web 2.0 sites using an iframe,this helps to improve your map listing-rankings

230 map embeds in web 2.0 websites, and include links back to your map (or iframe)

This will not only juice up the links in your map listing with powerful link from Google, but will help in improving your rankings in local 3 pack
We can embed any iframe into our web 2.0 networks
I will also add in iframe some seo so please supply relevant keywords
NIche related networks when possible- this is important in Google

No Porn. No drugs, no headshops,no animals having sex,ect if you are not sure message me first before ordering.


- Need more embeds? 480 total embeds see extras $10

We can build a Google mymap and using Schema Markup this extra includes 500 embeds Total, (its not 230+ 500 but 500 total) NAP, your social sites and main citation sites added into schema for USA-Canada-GB only. This will juice up your li nks included in the schema iframe and help to improve your local GMB maps ranking in the 3 pack.Also includes 2 do follow li nks from Google.This will be spread out over 4 more days $25 (IF YOU WANT THIS DONE QUICKER JUST SAY SO 3-8 DAYS) (please include NAP,socials and citations along with a youtube video link with order)
for USA-Canada-GB-AU only

Use both the GMB map and the MYmap
with schema and rotate the embeds on the web 2.0s (this is for the schema extra) so you get two schema maps (rotated) to be used in embeds. $10

Google Cloud- create a bucket with your iframe,then embed it on 100 plus web 2.0s. Google love from a DA 78 domain.Works like embeding on a PBN, but this is clean and spam free. we also build links to this. $10 more . ** this is included if you bought the schema map extra and does not need to be bought again

Amazon S3 - create a bucket with your iframe,then embed it on 100 plus web 2.0s. amz S3 is a DA 87 domain. Works like embeding on a PBN, but this is clean and spam free. we also build links to this. $10 more

------>>>>>>>> No ranking guarantees <<<<<<<----------

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User Ratings

  • yichang
    yichang 10 days ago

    Everything looks great. Thanks for the work.

    • fastman

      thank you for the order

  • luckydk
    luckydk 11 days ago


    • fastman


  • RitRin
    RitRin 1 month ago

    Incredible and Superb service, I always recommend and use this excellent service.

  • aaronmckeown44
    aaronmckeown44 1 month ago

    Solid work! Always fast delivery!

    • fastman


  • agentkrystal
    agentkrystal 1 month ago

    Thank you! Seems well and will wait to see the results. Quick response time.

    BBNSEO 2 months ago

    This doesn't have a report attached to it

  • malberts
    malberts 3 months ago

    Great communication and SEO advice. Highly recommend.

  • SEOMiami
    SEOMiami 3 months ago

    Great job thx....

  • SEOMiami
    SEOMiami 4 months ago

    awesome work... thank you!

  • raazxplorer
    raazxplorer 4 months ago

    Thank you very much.. for the nice work.. hopefully we will continue to collaborate..

Buyers Comments

  • hopkins

    hello ,

    i want my business page to be features on google carousel , will this service help my page to be featured on google corousel ?

    for eg :- keyword - mba colleges in bangalore


    1 year ago
  • fastman

    Yes it will help, but I have no ranking guarantees or certain results, only that it will help.Getting shown in that carousel will take much more than a $11 service.

    1 year ago
  • hopkins

    ok send me the payment link , i will order ,

    1 year ago
  • Sarvaay

    Hi Sir

    Can you Promote my Google Page with following Keywords

    Hotels in Haridwar
    Travel agents in Haridwar
    Haridwar Travel agents
    Chardham Travel Agents

    12 months ago
  • fastman

    Hi, its a G+ page? sure

    12 months ago
  • KamilSEO

    Could you send me example links?

    10 months ago
  • fastman

    After I deliver orders, I delete finished services from my PC, so I dont have any. It is a map embeded on a web 2.0. perhaps you can be more specific on what you wanting to see, is it the embed code, the type of web2.0 or???

    at the bottom of this page you will see a map, your embed would look like this except it would be on a web 2.0

    10 months ago
  • Timo33

    Is this service Google penalty safe?

    10 months ago
  • Kay321

    I have about 10 Google properties that I want to send backinks to.

    So when you embed my map in your web 2.0, I want the embeds to randomly link out to these Google properties.

    Can you do this?

    Also, please give me the list of web 2.0 that you use.

    5 months ago
  • fastman

    1 embeded iframe per service.

    5 months ago
  • subrosa

    Is this service only for USA-Canada-GB-AU or you can do it and for Europe?

    4 months ago
  • fastman

    I can do other countries BUT it will be in english only. We can use native keywords

    4 months ago
  • directdesigns

    I wanted to know if this will help with Local Map ranking results based on specific keywords in a local area? We want to be in the top 3 results based on keywords.

    4 months ago
  • fastman

    It will help, BUT we dont sell rankings but backlinks and embeds

    3 months ago
  • directdesigns

    Obviously I am not in the business of buying ranking, but we just want to boost the results in the area, there is a lot of competition in the area for the same type of business. We already did citations and wanted to know if this type of service could help and compliment to the ranking results for the business.

    3 months ago
  • miss7tae

    Which Web 2.0 do you do? ANd what type of authority do they have PA and DA?

    2 months ago
  • fastman

    Not the famous ones that are pounded to death by SEO.
    most have a DA of 50 to 85. Each network is niched themed, many are 2 plus years old and older

    2 months ago
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