Looking For New Media Affiliates

Looking For New Media Affiliates

I'm launching an Online Television and Radio Network. I need Affiliate Stations. Affiliates are basically websites, preferably optimized for video and multi-media. But the successful Affiliate will need to be able to run active sites, generating viewer and listener traffic that stays and returns.

I'll provide content, advertising blocks and any technical support you need. I am leaving a wide range of options on pay. But am targeting $4 per 1000 Viewers/Listeners. These will be visitors on YOUR sites. So in addition to your Network Compensation, you'll be free to ad your own networks, etc.


At least 100,000 Visitors per day. Anything less is probably wasting both of our times. Preferably, I'm looking for Affiliates who can obtain at least a million Visitors per day.

Skills Required

video website traffic marketin


i can give you 10 peoples, they listen to the radio or watch something for 10 hours.
feature service
real peoples
real sing up
10-hour complete watching or listening.
order me please

i will get you real and organic traffic with outstanding delivery results!!

contact me to get it done for you..

provide you 500+ high quality social media video promotion

provide you 500+ high quality social media video promotion

provide you 500+ high quality social media video promotion

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dear sir,
i have a lot of experience of quora answer. i will give you 10 quora answer for $6, so pls you can order me.
also if you need youtube custom comment so i can give you.
120 youtube custom comment for $6

so please give me one chance. .

i am ready to complete your work for required time

  1. communication skills
  2. video editing
  3. software developer
  4. data entry
  5. computer operator

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