traffic for for 10k

traffic for for 10k

i need traffic for 10,000 click and views . and i need a serious seller because this website shorten url is and za.lg i will give u a link to check it if u can do it or not.


- 10,000 visits for 5$ and 20,000 visits for 10$

-No bot or proxy traffic

- USA traffic is preferred
and european countries traffic as well

- click and views/visitors (note: not only click)

Skills Required

Safe Traffic Shorten Url


we can provide 2000+ visitors for 30 days for $15. we can provide visitors only

we can provide 1000+ daily visitors for 30 days for $10 but veivs are depend on human activiteies. we can't control it

i will do the services for you for $3 each. contact me for more details.

please order me and have the best work ever

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