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  • I need a search engine like google
Hi there,

i am looking to work with somebody who can help me develope a search engine like Google. Please if you know you will be able to do this job please contact me as soon aa posibble.

Waiting for your offers.



Please be able to complete it in 5days.


Skills Required

Programing Search


$ lvl.
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Hi boss,
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search engine development ... ing solr and lucent,nutch
we will provide the full service to develop the fully working application.
this application need the aws or any cloud service

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300 like very fast...
Please order me sir
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$1 3 order now!


  • jahirarth

    i interested your work.please contact me. i wait your reply

    1 year ago
  • Nadianacha

    Hi...unlike to work with you but budget high

    1 year ago
  • Nadianacha

    I like to work with you but budget too high

    1 year ago
  • aness31

    I will give you a guideline for free for a tiny very primitive and simple low cost search engine:
    1- take a VPN
    2- prepare a python based environment to develop the crawling engine
    3- make a simple database
    4- prepare a simple front end where the user can index his website in your search engine (google have high tech and billions of $ so they go and search for the website, ur thinking low cost so the user must index his website (do the work for you))
    5- write a back end crawler that will fetch metadata from the landing page of your user's website (you have more time and money make it a spider crawl)
    6- Go to your vpb back end make the program u wrote before a cron that will search the database and crawl the website and feed result into your display database.
    7- make a nice good looking design layout to display the search result and update your front end
    8- I will totally go (Django , Gunicorn , nginx) instead of apache2,php for this one.
    9- Remember that large companies like Google have a lot of experts working 24/7, Giant servers , Billion $,.. .
    Good luck ;)

    1 year ago