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  • Four Tips On Preventing Varicose Veins
This is among the diseases that were not commonly known in the past but is increasingly becoming common especially among the females. When one has this disease it means that the blood in their body is not moving in the right way or the right direction. Instead of flowing towards the heart it moves to the opposite direction. This could lead to pain and even discomfort to the patient. Varicose veins can be caused by some of the following factors:

1. Ageing: As a person advances in age, they have more chances of being a victim as compared to others who are in their younger years. This is due to the hormonal changes.

2. Gender: Research shows that women are more vulnerable to acquiring varicose veins than men are. This however does not mean that being male protects you from the risk, it means that the chances are minimal.

3. Family History: In some cases where a person has been found with this disease there could be a person in their family line up who has/had the same. But, not in all cases.

4. During Pregnancy: When a woman is pregnant, her blood flows with more pressure than when she is not therefore, her chances of developing the disease are slightly higher.

5. Job Description: Our jobs require us to be in different places at different times, however there are some people whose jobs require them to remain sited in a particular position most part of the day or the whole day. Such people have more chances of developing the above disease.

6. Weight Gain: For different reasons we add more weight than our body mass index requires. When this happens, we put ourselves at risk.


The above are some of the factors that could lead us to acquiring varicose veins disease. There are various ways of preventing this disease and some of them are:

• If you are advantaged and you work a few blocks from home, take a walk to and fro, if not, then you can set time aside to take a walk often.

• A lady sometimes feels incomplete without heels on, how about buying a few pairs of flats. Once in a while won’t hurt. This way, you are limiting your chances of developing the disease.

• We sometimes give up on exercising as it is tiresome to go to the gym but, we forget there are simple exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home, buy a video and watch while you exercise in the comfort of your living room.

• Irrespective of the job you do, you can change your position once in a while. Maybe you are going through some documents, do it while standing or moving around your work area.

To conclude, we learn that this disease can be prevented if we change some of the things we do so, don’t stress out yourself when you or a friend develops this disease, it is highly preventable.
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