Get me good CPM campaigns for banner ads

Get me good CPM campaigns for banner ads

Got an app that can get 32000 impressions per day. Current model for showing banners works and earns but I need a better model to make it worth while. I will pay you to either tell me of an existing method or to devise a method for me to really monetize this traffic.

Are you a marketing whiz, then this is for you!

The space available is 300x300 so can show banners like 300x250 or split the space up and show smaller banners. Shown to active mobile users (android only), the users are interested in IT, music, games, fashion etc...

Ive tried Google ads, adchoice, clicksor and some other big companies, but i want something clever that works, got any ideas, then make a bid.


good marketer

Skills Required



we can help in monetization and increasing revenues

Created 7 years ago in Banner Ads

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