Need a Unique Format Letter 500 words

Need a Unique Format Letter 500 words

Hello All,
I am Creating a new Blog website, where people come to say "I Am Sorry" I need an Article in the form of a Format not less than 500 words . The format should read like an ex given below:

Dear ..........

Subject : I am Sorry ................. for ....................

The dashes should contain : 1. Name of both parties 2. Reason of mistake 3. place where the mistake was committed 4. reason for committing the mistake . 5. reason for forgiving .6. date of committing the mistake. 7. an apology appeal in own words .

Note: The above is an example not an order of format. you have to make an appropriate Article Format . The idea about the format is just to make the content unique by replacing the dashes.

you may also refer my article format here :


Kindly provide a 100 words sample before , I place the order . I am offering $5 per unique article format . Ready to order 100 plus varied Article formats.

Don't Bid if your cost is above $5 per 500 words article .

Skills Required

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order me sir, i'm perfect to this jobs

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