Googles Panda2 update what has changed?

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Googles Panda2 update what has changed?

Google's Panda 2 update what has changed?


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Google relies on an extremely complex algorithm to produce its relevant search results for any given search. Because Google uses this algorithm to determine SERPs.(search engine results pages) SEO must use this as the basis of optimizing any website. However, the challenge lies within the fact that Googleâ??s algorithm is not a stagnant, inert formula. Every so often, Google changes the algorithm to either add in factors to help with producing more relevant results, or they may remove certain factors. This is why factors like web page titles and meta data do not carry the same impact upon search results as they did back in the 90â?²s. Googleâ??s algorithm has become much more sophisticated since then, and as a result, it gives us better relevance in search results.

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I guess we should not be too concerned with the Google updates because from what I know the algorithm have been changing from time to time but the changes are always secret. Search engine is a simple software that cannot divulge their algorithm because it can easily be copied. I have a hint that Google is issuing updates to let us know there is an update but is there really an update?

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