What should I do when a seller insult me?

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What should I do when a seller insult me?

First, I am NOT a seller but a buyer.
Second, I have been at this site since Dec 15 2018. I had placed quit a lot orders ever since. I just checked 29 pages on my payment page.
Third, I had less than 10 unsatisfied orders which I just canceled them. Not to order from these sellers after.
But, the past week, I had the worst experience ever since I joined this site.
I placed multiple orders with a seller during the holiday season 2019. He was quit good before. But he continuously deliver the orders late. Which I was not happy but understood. I reminded him because I wanted to send new orders with him.
Then I realized that several orders were only delivered 1 to 3 days then stopped. (I ordered traffic.)
I left message to him to remind him that.
He did not react to my message.
But I could see he checked in to this site. I guess he has a lot of orders to deal with. So I left few more.
I was really frustrated and left him negative reviews but they are all truthful.
This morning, I got two insulting direct messages and multiple insults to cancel orders.
Please look at the screen shots.

Image 1: Some of the orders I placed during holiday 2019
What should I do when a seller insult me?Image 2: The result of order.
What should I do when a seller insult me?What should I do when a seller insult me?
Image 4: He left the same insulting message under every order he wanted to cancel. (I asked him to fix the problem but he chose to cancel. That is fine with me. But to insult a buyer had bought from him at least 30 times before. )
What should I do when a seller insult me?I report this to the help desk.

I had an accident with another seller before as the order stopped delivered before it was complete. I left a message but it became a review (I rarely left reviews). The seller contacted me to pointed out he would fix the problem and I should change the review. (Because I did not know I was writing on the review section, the default setting for the review was positive. So the review was positive actually but with a message was addressing a problem.) With his help, I correct the review. It was positive and with positive feedback.

So I am not here to ruin any seller's business. But I am not here to be ignored or insulted either.

Do you have experience like me? What did you do? Who is good seller that provide real web traffic?

Thank you!


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This is very bad behavior and i am very sad to see this happening at seocheckout. As others mentioned, report this to support stuff immediately with this screenshots included!!!

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Hi There,

The Best Solution is to Contact The Support Team, Then Upload Your Prof to the Ticket.
The staff will do the best for you and the Seller.

Next Time, Before placing a Negative Reviews Due to late order, First Ask him Via Order Panel.
Don't Forget that Seller can Rate Buyer too.

I Hope This is Helpful.
Thank You
If You need Explainer Video, You Can Visit My Profile.
- Rehiga

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You should report this unwanted behavior to Seocheckout directly. You can do so here.

Sellers like these just draw down the integrity of the platform and draw a bad image to the other legitimate sellers here, which can not be tolerated.

Thanks for making this case of misbehavior public.

Best Regards,
Mike // DKPromotions // Your Targeted Traffic Experts on seocheckout

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sorry for such level that some people got into, please report this guy to thesupport to get him banned , such sellers like this shouldnt be here

idont say that for just sellers but buyers if like that one too shouldnt be here on Seocheckout ,

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I am sorry on behalf of that seller. Its a shame for seller community to misbehave with potential clients.

You should report the seller to the support team. I just visited your profile and noted all the bad words on the review section. You provide the support team all your evidences, They will act on that.

I also encountered one buyers 2 years ago. He slang my country and my mother too. And then intentionally changed the reviews to negative. Being a seller, i have to maintain 100% selling rate. And what he did was wrong. So i opened a ticket, and the support team helped me out. They removed the bad negative reviews and put Infringement on him. Means he was on level 3 and then he pushed downed to Level 1.

To keep better buyer-seller relationship, we have to work with mutual respect. Once anyone forgets that, then they are not worthy of calling a good freelancer themselves.

If you still not contacted the support team, visit the Help Desk and open a new ticket.
Thank you.

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Sad to see this negative and insulting behaviour from the seller if he/she wants more time to deliver he/she should inform you and request you to increase order delivery time. Anyhow you should have to contact support and give them all these proofs they will definitely take action.
We can solve all the issues and problems with good communication because every problem has a solution.

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