Setting up a product based business with no products manufactured

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Setting up a product based business with no products manufactured

When you get an idea for a business, you usually think of selling a product you were going to make, but normally you don't have the means to make this product let alone the funding to make it on a massive scale.  This is what stops people in their tracks because they think you need a bunch of money to start your dream business, which isn't actually true.  You can start a full-fledged business, with some great products of your own, and invest only a few hundred to get everything up and running.

All you need is a website, hosting, domain name, nice logo, and some funds to get an ad on Adwords or Facebook to pull in customers.  Sure, you'll have to spend some time on the content creation for your website and make sure everything flows well, but that's pretty obvious.  Once you get your website up and running so you look legitimate, you can now follow the tips below to get your business booming!

The term "Made to Order" is your friend
When you're making a product for clients, you will want to add in there "Made to Order" which means you don't have the inventory but you will make the product for the person as soon as it's ordered.  Usually, this means the product can be made fairly quickly but it's difficult for the customer to acquire all the pieces to make it themselves, so they'll gladly purchase and wait an extra day or two for you to make and send the item to them!

A made to order product essentially means you're a smaller business and you don't have the funds to produce everything in mass, which the buyer will understand.  If you were to have 10 different colors, or 10 different styles, or both of these combined your client will understand that you won't want to make 100 items and sell them off over time.

When you get an order, you get to work and purchase what you need to make the product, then you send it out a.s.a.p. to the buyer.  Once you're finished you'll keep the profits and move on to your next order Setting up a product based business with no products manufactured

List on Amazon and eBay
Just like your website, you will create accounts on Amazon and eBay in order to sell your products.  You don't have to do FBA with Amazon or whatever the equivalent is for eBay, you just list the products as your own and you ship them out to your buyers once you've made them.  You don't even have to add a "Made to Order" tag to your listings on these websites, which I wouldn't recommend anyway, because you'll likely have competitors that will ship the item out as soon as a purchase is made.  Sure, you'll make the product as soon as it's purchased from you, but the client doesn't need to know that Setting up a product based business with no products manufactured

Niche related marketplaces
Now, some of you are thinking "Niche related marketplaces are just like Amazon and eBay!" but that's not the case at all.  Sure, they have similarities in how they work, but the people who visit these smaller marketplaces are looking for specifically what you're producing.

These are smaller, which means you'll get fewer sales from these types of websites/marketplaces, but any sale helps build credibility as well as your brand.  A slight boost in sales isn't a bad thing either, and these smaller niche related marketplaces can do just that Setting up a product based business with no products manufactured

In conclusion
Having a product isn't as difficult as you would think, even if you're on a limited budget, because you can always sell it as "Made to Order".  People understand that you will make the product to their specifications, which means you make it AFTER it's ordered, and then you'll ship it out to the buyer and everyone is happy in the end.  You can list your product on Amazon, eBay, as well as the smaller niche specific marketplaces and sell your product the same way without labeling it as a made to order product.  You make a sale, make the product, send the product to the buyer, and keep the profits.

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