Seocheckout where is the App?

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Seocheckout where is the App?

Hello to my Seocheckout family,

It has been a while since my last post in May, I’ve been busy with MBA classes and work. Hope you guys are doing well.

I am not doing very well in seocheckout, with the sudden increase of price for all YouTube services in the market today, I have lost a lot of customers and I am aware of the stable views of my services. As a buyer, probably I won't buy any services especially Youtube based services cause of the total mess in the market right now, some buyers are offering a high price service and some low on the same units and perks. So, that's confusing!

Now my only concern is to able to connect with my buyers that are still buying my services and they’re only a few of them, but because I’m not doing full time freelancing like I used to before, it’s has become an issue for me to keep with my set of buyers.

I have mentioned it before in my previous posts (Why Seocheckout don't have an official App?) make sure you read it and I still stick to it.

Today is the time I really need an App from seocheckout, I don’t know about others, but it is very difficult to carry my laptop like all the times when I’m outside and I have always believed, instant response to buyers often leads to a good impression and my buyers they've always mentioned about the instant response and communication in the rating as well.

My humble request to seocheckout, please develop an App, it will be really convenient for freelancers like me, even shit like Up work has an App.

Oh and I’m level 3 user now fellows! Thank you Seocheckout for everything.



Oh we were talking and requesting mobile application numerous times since i joined marketplace. There were always rumors and nothing else. I do hope that officials considering to deploy one very soon just for sake of notifications and easier job maintaining while we are home away, so i am with you in this suggestion.

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I've heard rumors that an official Seocheckout app was in the works. Now I don't know if this means that they are working on it, they are talking about working on it, or they're just talking about getting one worked on lol.

I too wonder why a great marketplace like this doesn't have an app just yet. I know their website is responsive and I can access it on my phone, I even have a shortcut to it on my phone just like how an app would work, but it doesn't give me any sort of notification when something is happening on my account. Now I do get a lot of alerts, so I would hope that I can filter out whatever I don't need to respond too lol, but I'm sure that once the app is done, hopefully done, that it will have a bunch of nice little features for me to opt out of so my phone isn't blowing up while I'm asleep Seocheckout where is the App?

As for sellers, I can see how an app would really help with your response times. You'd be able to get a notification and almost instantly respond through the app without having to log in every time. Your buyers would love this because they can always get quick responses and purchase whatever they want with the ease of knowing they can contact the seller at a moments notice Seocheckout where is the App?

I do know there is an Seocheckout app on the google play market, but it's not an official one because it's not designed or developed by ionicware. Another good reason to believe that it's not an official app is because the developer says so lmao Seocheckout where is the App? The app on the marketplace was poorly designed and has a lot of bugs and I think it has a bunch of ads as well. It has a bunch of negative reviews, which probably hurt Seocheckout a little bit.

In the end, I would say to just do what I do and make a shortcut on your phone and check it regularly. Obviously if you're a seller you'll want to check it more often because you don't want to miss anything a buyer is asking about ordering your service or someone that has already purchased and wants to ask more questions. Having the shortcut on my phone works well for me, but I'm not a seller so I can't get into details about how that might work for you Seocheckout where is the App?

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I wish there were an app for iPhone. My phone lags all the time for some reason, and I would like the ease of an app so that I can get notifications when I am on the road. There's always the future though.

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I remember one of these threads from a while ago and we were all in favor for the Seocheckout app, however, the final word is always the owners.

I am all for it just like I was months ago. I often access the Seocheckout website through my phone as it is. It seems to run well on it. But yeah, an app would certainly have its benefits. I am sure that the owners have thought about this before though.

I don't have really any experience with developing apps or how much they cost so maybe that's what's holding them back?

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Yes this would be brilliant for are services and also reaching out to new members specially if the app was released and placed on the Google Play store . Does anyone know how to turn websites into apps as I could do with an app for my main business site which will improve my business.

But back to the Seocheckout app yes this would be amazing to have and the amount of new members would be great for this website. We should create a poll for this subject and see everyones views .

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Hi there,

I heard about it few years ago. When i got back after years. It is still on pending.

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Yes.We like To Use Android Application to seocheckout. I'ts Easy

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Well, i hope they consider creating an app, though it is a different ball altogether. I'll like to have an android so I can read on the fly while commuting to work and even while at home.

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The App will certainly take out a lot of stress in managing your account, Its not that hard with Seocheckout pedigree to dish out an App but i wonder why they are yet to. Maybe anytime some

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Having a phone app will definitely make things much easier. This means that I can log on Seocheckout whenever I feel like it. I mostly log on my laptop now as I find it to be more convenient. Let us hope that there will be an app soon.

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