API Updates & Improvements

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API Updates & Improvements

We've updated the API to include more functionality to specific areas and sections of the our marketplace sites. Previously, you could only search for and retrieve data relating to services. 

We've expanded this functionality to include all section types (services, blog reviews, articles, etc) within a service area and all areas of all our marketplaces (services, WTB, WTT). 

In other words, the API can now be used to search for and extract new Want to Buy listings, Want to Trade listings or Services (and each sub-section of services).

How this new data can be used

  • Add WTB/WTT listings to your current affiliate website, or create a new one
  • Build an automated app that alerts you to new WTBs you can accomplish. 
  • Create a sectional specific affiliate website (IE: Blog reviews)

You can view the changes on our API page at:

Please take a minute to let us know what you think of this update.  And, be sure to share us on social media. 


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This is so awesome I've been waiting for this for ever! Now I can Share #WTB requests from my current list of 9k+ affiliates, and market them to Potential Non-Member Sellers from around the Web! Thus, burning the Affiliate Candle at both ends!!! Obviously I would only make commission from my affiliate's immediate purchase, but I would also be gaining a new affiliate (the Seller), earning commission if they make any future purchases.
That's what I call a "win win win win"

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Hello! I'm new here. Found this announcement because it was shared via Google Plus. I have been an active G+ user since this social network began and was happy to find your G+ brand account (business page). Added it to my circles. Now I can keep up with you in both places. Very happy to be here. Hope my contributions are worthwhile. Thank you.

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Hi! Welcome to the Seocheckout community. We're happy you could join us here.

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Great feature updates. Keep it up. Now more affilite niche site can be created. Better for everyone

One new feature if could be added "canned message" to ease communication

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Thanks for updates keep it up , hope all members are happy with Seocheckout affiliate program ,
please add some more features on Seocheckout website this is biggest website on the marketplace of the word

Thank you

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Great .And Super.I'm New For seocheckout.
But I'm Very Happy Because I'm Join Best SEO marketplace

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Already noticed this new things available in SC API and it's really great opportunity. For me now time to update my affiliate themes for WordPress and let my customers earn more affiliate revenue API Updates & Improvements

Thank you seocheckout

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already saw this new things accessible in SC API and it's truly awesome open door. For me now time to refresh my subsidiary topics for WordPress and let my clients gain more member income

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Great job Beverly site is looking amazing and was before but you know what I mean. You work hard behind the scenes and without this site not sure what I would do lol. But yeah the site as well seems to be running a lot more smoother as well as before it kept playing up everytime I tried to search and click on my own profile but its working perfect.

seocheckout the best Freelance site ONLINE in my opinion

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