Can we have seller badges?

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Can we have seller badges?

Its really great news for us that Seocheckout is cleaning up our site. For what I like to work full time on seocheckout.
SPAM is main problem to any marketplace. I want to work by showing my talents not by selling any spam services like Facebook, twitter fake like, followers.

I have seen thousands of social media services that was most of spam. But now I am really happy that admin taken action about it seriously.

I am suggesting to admin to include following features:

  • A "Badge" for spammer, scammer, rude seller who buy SEO services, by this badge we can mark them.
  • A "Offer" option with great feature where we can offer to my interested customer as like custom offer for any specific customer not others.
  • Badge for extraordinary sellers who have done some great accomplishment such as most sales in one week



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Thank you very much for your suggestion.
You should submit the ticket to ionicware for it.
I will also request to clean up PR metrics services in seocheckout.

All the best,

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Hi there, submitting your suggestions would allow ionicware to look through them and possibly look into applying them. I do like your ideas however I can't help but feel like some of them may single out others, for example you said about a badge for extraordinary sellers. Whilst this would be an idea there could be sellers out there who put in just as much effort but do not get noticed thus may not get that badge. Could that hinder their sales? I do agree with the scammer badge though, it's hard to tell who may be a scammer and if they are found out they should get some kind of badge showing that so people know who to avoid.

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Well. I don't like his idea of the special badge for some sellers.

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If you are scamming then you have broken the website's Terms of Service. Scamming is a direct violation of the Terms of Service, so if a user is scamming their account will most likely be banned/disabled given the severity of the scam. There is no need to place a badge so marketplace users know that a user is a scammer. The banning of the account should be enough.

I would like account trophies or achievements to display achievements I have, such as being a member for a long time, or selling X amount of services, you know things to make you work harder to achieve the trophy or acchievements. Anyone know what I mean?

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Your right shortie I do feel the same , Its like members already try order members on here who have lots of recommendations and great feedback and sales. Where this is what stops newbies from not making any sales but they don't get noticed as much. And if badges came into place do feel things would be a lot worse for some members on here.

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Ohh I thought this was going to be a suggestion and recommendation for badges for elite, extraordinary users! Or at least just badges all round for everyone. Because I think we've had this feature suggestion before or there was some talk of it in the past. That could be good where new members, or level 1 users etc have a basic badge, and that changes when they reach level 2, 3+ etc. But right now we have user levels system which is enough to know what status or level someone is. I don't think giving a bad guy a badge to let everyone know he's a bad guy would work and be feasible. If they've done something wrong, they are reported or found out and then penalized for that with an infraction. If they have done something very very wrong, or keep repeat offending, then they are just banned and removed from the site altogether anyway so there's no need for a badge anyway. Can we have seller badges?

Maybe in the future we may have badges, for the different user levels. And badges that have motifs on them for doing certain things and achieving certain things that are dynamically updated. Those could be quite cool. But they're not essential. Can we have seller badges?

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