Is there any distinguishes between freelancing and outsourcing?

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Is there any distinguishes between freelancing and outsourcing?

I think as a online profession this two word very involving and frequently we are using as freelancing and outsourcing. But, some of person who working online he is identifying himself as freelancer and some of identifying as outsource contractors and other may say working from home. I do not know what is appropriate title as a online profession. Is there any differences.

I got a little differences between 2 words:

As I consider a responsibility of online job , freelance word may make me less responsible, because some of expert said freelancer means who work online temporary for short task.

On the other hand, I used to say me as outsource contractor, and this word may make me more responsible for doing such job. And some of expert said outsource contractors means who work online for permanently for certain company or organization and not for short task.

Some of may say appropriate title is work from home. But, this word not match with me. Because, I am not working home based and I am working in office.,
Still I am confused by these words as freelancer or outsource contractors.

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Regards by Ajlancer


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All three of those can be different but similar at the same time. I'll go over what I think they are in my opinion.

A freelancer is someone who does a single job, or service, for a person or company that needs something done quick. Freelancers don't usually have monthly clients due to the job only having to be done once and not month to month. You can be a freelancer if you're in the SEO industry, I know I was (still am) because some of my clients only sign up for one month and then think that's all they need in order to become millionaires due to the fact they have one or two keywords in the top of the rankings Is there any distinguishes between freelancing and outsourcing?

Outsource Contractor:
An outsource contractor is more of a business owner that will tend to run a website. I can consider myself this because I do have a lot of freelancers I work with on different projects. I don't contact all of them when I get a new client because if I'm building a website for a client I don't need my app developer writing any of the code Is there any distinguishes between freelancing and outsourcing? An outsource contractor can still be considered a freelancer because they may have a big payment from the client and then they outsource the work to the other freelancers for a one time project. It's still a one off project or service, so this could fall into the freelancing section as well.

Work From Home:
Working from home is more of a scenario and not a title in my eyes. I work from home and I am a freelancer as well as an outsource contractor or business owner. I don't need to have an office in a fancy building because I have a home office that I can get everything done in Is there any distinguishes between freelancing and outsourcing?

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Very well explained. The confusion between these is common. Whoever works from home tends to be a freelancer, and I believe that most freelancers are at home, without an actual office. The main difference lies if one works on his own, or if he decides to outsource some of his work to other freelancers, as in that case it would then be outsourcing. This is when it sort of gets a bit bigger. Generally the outsource contractor will be a freelancer who has a lot of work to handle on his own, and so he delegates parts of it to other freelancers, but it is often a one off thing.

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Hey Ajlancer! Awesome question, as most people would be confused too! Basically, someone who works freelance, is one who could work for many companies and at different times rather than being permanently employees by someone else. Outsourcing is a method that some companies use to reduce costs by passing on some of their work to outside suppliers instead of doing it themselves. That is convenient if you want to free up your time and energy, plus it could save you some money, if it is used the right way.

Hope that helps define it a little better for you!

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Hi jkeyz2 sure you explained greatly. Simple but very good explanation. Most of the online professional cannot identify how people will call him. Someone thinking he is freelancer and someone thinking as outsource contractor and someone think as work from home, other may thinking internet marketer. So, it is great confusion. If they know definition on each part, he can identify himself responsibility basis. Myself always like to say outsource contractor or internet marketer. Because, both word make me more responsible and professional rather than freelancer or work from home. I am sure many freelancer working from home and try to identify himself as work from home or work at home as profession. But, other may doing same thing from office, so, what they will mention?
So, I think most appropriate word need to be use for this profession

Regards by Ajlancer

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Very interesting and when I first read the question my thinking was that they were all quite interchangeable and similar but now reading the whole post and the answers there are some big differences.

I think Freelance sounds more appealing to me, more like I am free to do whatever I want to.

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Freelancing means you sell your work. Outsourcing means you buy work. When you freelance, you are selling products and services to other people. When you are outsourcing you are buying products and services. When you freelance, your primary motive, and the only motive, is to make money, and when you outsource your primary motive is either to resell or use it for yourself.

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They both look the same to me except for a thin line that involves terminology. When you say outsource, it means more of a hired person to work on a project that is short or long term. An outsourced worker is the counterpart of an employee and the only difference is the lack of benefits that an employee enjoys. A freelancer means a worker who is not tied to an employer.

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