add 250 Followers to your Deezer for $10

add 250 Followers to your Deezer

This Service really plays your individual profile (it's really time consuming but rewarding). So 100% guaranteed your Profile will be safe.

Don't put your account and reputation at risk with a lot fake Followers ! I will promote your Deezer profile through my networks so there's no violation of TOS for any party! Safe and real.

- You can split 250 Followers up to 2 profiles.
- More than 100 orders can be handled at the same time.
- Make sure you checked Service extra for a better deal.
- Best Service for contests with many REAL winners!
- Most orders complete within 4 - 48 hours.



Deezer Followers Plays Views
extra 250 Followers 2 days $10
extra 500 Followers 4 days $15
extra 1000 Followers 8 days $30
extra 2000 Followers 12 days $59
add 300 Plays for your song 1 days $10
add 600 Plays for your song 2 days $15
This service is currently unavailable and cannot be ordered. Please try again later.
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