Find 10 Keyword Research Using Kgr Keyword Golden Ratio for your niche for $75

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Find 10 Keyword Research Using Kgr Keyword Golden Ratio for your niche

Getting solid traffic boils down to a very simple equation: Your articles must target those keywords for which there is not enough supply of information. Thats what the whole KGR thing is about and it's proven to work time and time again.I now offer KGR compliant packs.

KGR Less Than 0.25 with Local Monthly Search Volume LMS Less than 250 KGR keys are easy to rank, as these keys are underserved, Doug Cunnington it's creator, says that KGR often could be ranked in the top 10 in less than a month.

*where the LMS is 250 or less than 250. There is no minimum LMS condition.

As LMS numbers is a joke, Its always 10 times more than shown in all the tools.

Importance of KGR:

KGR keywords are effective but labor intensive

KGR focuses on long tail keys those are less competitive

Easy to rank.

It's an advanced technical SEO strategy

You Will Get :

Top 10 Golden Key word against one for your niche All will be low competition key word so you don't have to think about competition

You will get a manually research keywords All keys are global search competition based If you need to based any specific country then just tell me I will do it

You will get 3 things > Keywords Search Volume CPC

Short & long key mixed

Finding 1 Right Key Could Give You Golden Result Do Not Look For Thousand Bogus Key


Keywords Keyword Golden Affiliate Rato Niche Top Ranking
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