• Will Boost Your Ranking to Page 1 on Google W/ Nuclear SEO Package - V. 2019
  • Will Boost Your Ranking to Page 1 on Google W/ Nuclear SEO Package - V. 2019
  • Will Boost Your Ranking to Page 1 on Google W/ Nuclear SEO Package - V. 2019
Welcome To Our New Brand # Guaranteed Results # Top Rated Level X3 Seller
Nuclear SEO Package

Are you looking for a real SEO service for your websites? Do not need to pay thousands of dollars to an SEO agency. This service doesn't waste your time, effort and money. This service provides real results. We understand that you need TOP rankings for your keywords.

For Your Information,
250 Unique Backlinks (100% Unique Domains, 100% Proven & Tested, Low OBL)
Premium Link Indexing, Link Crawling, Link Pushing Service

Login Details Are Included (All accounts will be NEW)


100% NO SPAM
We can guarantee the safety and improvements.
We focus on the quality of each backlink, we don't create thousands of spam backlinks.
We focus on selected & high-quality backlinks in this service.
The backlinks lists are getting attention from our team.

The PageRank is dead. But, all PageRank domains were checked before the PageRank was dead.
This service is unique, so you will never find the similar service out there.

Updates For 2019:
PDF (Removed)
GOV (Added)
EDU Contextuals > EDU Profile or Contextual
Wiki (Removed)

Service Privacy Policy:
1. This service is for the Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine. But, you can use this service for other links.
2. Non-English languages and characters are accepted.
3. We don't accept porn, gambling, carding websites.
4. Please note, the first page isn't a guarantee, the guarantee is improvements in search engines.
5. Please note that high-medium-low PA, DA, PR is for the domain (not for the page!).
6. If you aren't sure of your target keywords, you can contact us for a free keyword research service.
7. We only allow 1 URL and 1-6 keywords per campaign for best results.

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User Ratings

  • mark83
    mark83 8 hours ago

    Ops, por quanto tempo posso ver os resultados de vendas no meu site?

    Eu estou esperando para fazer algumas vendas para começar a corrigir os erros do site, quanto você cobra para deixá-lo no topo? muito visível no google

    • LukasMGK

      Please check your inbox

  • yichang
    yichang 1 day ago

    Thank you.

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you 

  • matrixxakos4
    matrixxakos4 2 days ago

    verry good seller. faster and verry good job

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you very much

  • sabhinav61
    sabhinav61 3 days ago

    Sir, I cannot find any pdf file. please resend.

    • LukasMGK


      I uploaded a .zip file, but the server didn't send it.
      Please check your inbox, I can upload one by one.


  • DeclanF
    DeclanF 6 days ago

    Thank you for this

    • LukasMGK

      Thanks man

  • itglobalaz
    itglobalaz 9 days ago

    Very good. Thank u a lot of sir for your work. Have a good day.

    • LukasMGK

      Thanks for your review! A+

  • aronaxe
    aronaxe 9 days ago

    I am very satisfied, the nuclear seo package boosted our rank significantly. There were some delays but the seller was very informative about that. All in all a very good deal, I will buy this package more often! A+!

    • LukasMGK

      Thanks man!

  • dave0105
    dave0105 10 days ago


    • LukasMGK

      Thank you 

    TAKAHASHI 11 days ago

    Thank you very much

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you 

  • claudinei
    claudinei 13 days ago

    I received the backlink report. I am waiting to see the results. Thanks for your service.

  • Mingkong52
    Mingkong52 13 days ago

    Thank you

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you, sir.

  • sai542
    sai542 13 days ago

    Thanks, Quality work and a Responsible Seller

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you, sir.

  • Rodrixh
    Rodrixh 15 days ago

    Nothing is ranking as you claim. Actually went down in rank.

  • kutzki
    kutzki 20 days ago

    Website isn't ranked, or found on the first 15 pages of Google. Super disappointed. Seller also delivered 2 weeks late. Sorry for the bad review but I don't even want the free replacement you offered. This is terrible.

  • Detol
    Detol 23 days ago

    Dear buyer .. if you see my rate Stop hesitating, stop asking for sample from this seller and order now, THIS SERVICE IS REALLY GREAT AND THE PRICE SHOULD BE 350$ not 20$ If LukasMGK completes your order , you do not even need to check the links, I checked them myself and all of them are unbelievable. my website are now 1# on the keywords
    With all this, he gave me an extra bouns .. If this seller LukasMGK is late, wait and don't disturb him, the service deserves to wait a year, not a few days

  • gsinfovision
    gsinfovision 1 month ago

    Good Job !! will use again !!

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you man!

  • Cammor
    Cammor 1 month ago

    LukasMGK offers and completes efficient, prompt and thorough SEO ranking. We are very satisfied with his excellent attention, reporting and assisting with details necessary to improve our website visibility.

    • LukasMGK

      Thanks for your recommendation 

  • Oshiage
    Oshiage 1 month ago

    Perfect !

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you!

  • 24saat
    24saat 1 month ago


    • LukasMGK

      Thank you 

    IMSEOCLUB 2 months ago

    Okey, Thank you!

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you 

Buyers Comments

  • fernandosusanto

    hello... can you inbox me right now...i want tu use your service?

    5 months ago
  • LukasMGK

    Hello, check your inbox now, no gambling please.

    4 months ago
  • MalikKhan

    Hi ,

    I have few question plz answer it ..

    1) how many keywords you rank on top pages on Google in 25$ ?
    2) If keywords has high or very high competitors then it rank on Google top pages or not ??
    3) How long these keywords stay on top positions ?? like 1 week , 2 week ... etc ??

    I will provide bulk Orders but first I need to know in depth ............... waiting

    3 months ago
  • tommy84


    Please check my website: bradford-adv.com and let me know if possible to rank it.


    5 months ago
  • LukasMGK


    I checked your website.
    Yes, it can be ranked.
    You can start ordering today.

    Warm Regards,

    4 months ago
  • seoexpertbd007

    I need your service i have a amazon niche site. I want to rank 1st page by 10 keyword

    4 months ago
  • LukasMGK

    Do you have unique content?

    4 months ago
  • Topbright

    hi,Good day ! we are wooden toys factory ,and now we are looking for 100 educational distributor in USA,and our website it is http://topbright.vip can you lindly let we know,which backlinks you will used ? can you kindly give us the links ?
    Looking forward to hear from you soon !

    4 months ago
  • LukasMGK


    I use diversified backlinks for this package.
    I scraped many new lists of backlinks.

    Warm Regards,

    4 months ago
  • flappy01

    please can you make me rank page one in Nigeria music and news

    4 months ago
  • idolaku

    do you accept gambling site?

    4 months ago
  • huntsends

    I have DA 31 website , Paid Guest post are available on that.
    If interested contact me

    4 months ago
  • Zuzana

    HI Lukas

    can you promote this link ?, I need links and sales


    thank you Zuzana

    4 months ago
  • JohnOliver

    haha. I'm last month buy the this service

    but anywhere my website no see.

    he again cancel for refund

    if you this service buy?
    again think

    3 months ago

    Pak bisa di bantu untuk website judi di terima ?

    3 months ago
  • Mabos

    Hi, can i have sample ?

    3 months ago
  • azaharul

    I need 1 position ranking , only one keyword..easy keyword

    2 months ago
  • vishmonsta

    Rank my domains to the first page on google,p. www.doveids.com

    2 months ago
  • aromato

    hi there. i have a website in persian language. its a shopping site. can you boost its rank?

    2 months ago
  • takasawa0000

    I want to up socialup.tokyo's rank in Japanese keywords.
    Can you do it?

    2 months ago
  • mdfaruktmss

    Is it possible to rank http://www.earmuffsdeal.com/ for shooting ear protection? How many days it will take? Do you give any guarantee?

    I am waiting to hear from you.

    Thank you

    1 month ago
  • viniciussimoes


    I'm very interested in your service to put 5 top 3 google keywords. These keywords are:

    perfumes importados
    perfume importado
    perfume importado masculino
    perfume importado feminino

    agreed with ahrefs.com the difficulty of these words is easy. If you tell me that you guarantee top 3 in these terms, I will buy.

    1 month ago
  • dibalamove

    HI, I am interested. Please send me a sample

    1 month ago
  • gezanne77

    Very interesting.Kindly send me sample please.

    28 days ago
  • akunhost369

    i want order. but my website include gambling. can?

    24 days ago
  • metalist

    Hi before I purchase this service can you improve my website and by much??? How long will it last rank high after the service.....

    Do u need my admin login details

    my site

    thanks Jason
    plz inbox me

    24 days ago
  • mounime

    i have a web site on progress and i want you to choice with me the domain for making it the first page in google and the first one

    22 days ago
  • tandel231

    Kindly can you please send me any recent sample report?

    15 days ago
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