• Rank Your Video on First Page of Google with Reddit in 5 Minutes Guaranteed Top 10 Results
  • Rank Your Video on First Page of Google with Reddit in 5 Minutes Guaranteed Top 10 Results
  • Rank Your Video on First Page of Google with Reddit in 5 Minutes Guaranteed Top 10 Results
In this service I will rank your video or anything else on the 1st page of Google Search Results Guaranteed for virtually anything you can think of in 5 minutes or less!

There's no need to pay expensive SEO services to get your site ranking in the top 10 positions! We'll use our unique and very little known about and ethical Reddit method to rank your site somewhere in the top 10 positions of Google.* Just provide us with your website/URL and the keywords you want to rank for and we'll do the rest!

Reddit is one of the biggest and most popular Web 2.0 Social Networking, Social Bookmarking sites on the Internet today. Known as "The front page of the Internet". Reddit covers many different subjects and allows you to share and curate content from bookmarks to blogs videos and more. And it's crawled by Google many thousands of times a day so anything posted on Reddit is crawled and indexed FAST within seconds! Sometimes we've been able to rank terms within the top 5 results for things using this method which can be duplicated again and again (upscaled) for many similar or different keywords. Just check out some of our examples.

Example: 1
Campaign to rank a video for For "Nike Air Jordan 11 unboxing review video"
Before our work: No reddit showing in top 100.
After our work: Ranking #7
Example: 2
Campaign to rank a YouTube channel for "underground music distribution"
No reddit currently ranking in top 10.
After our work: Ranking #9
Example: 3
Campaign to rank a video for GTA video for "Insane GTA 5 Gameplay trailer"
No reddit currently ranking in top 10.
After our work: Ranking #4
Example: 4
Campaign to rank site for "hell funny wallpaper"
No reddit currently ranking in top 10.
After our work: Ranking #1
Example: 5

Campaign to rank video for "gbminers fastest bitcoin mining"
No reddit anywhere in top 10.
5 mins after our work: Ranking #5 (few days later ranking #3)

As you can see this can work for virtually anything! Provided it isn't too tough to rank for. For some things like "make money online" or "SEO" forget about it! Those kind of keyword phrases are dominated already.

NOTE: This works best for low to medium competition keywords and phrases and long-tails that there isn't a lot of competition for.

But you might be surprised! We've gotten a Reddit ranking for some pretty tough and very big keywords and things before! This can work for virtually anything and have very interesting and very positive results none the less!

Imagine if you got YOUR video
ranking on the 1st page of Google for some buyer-ready-keywords via Reddit and its YOUR video that those people visit which links to your website right!?

That will mean more traffic, clients, clicks and sales for you!

Plus you can do this over and over again for many different keywords.

Imagine having YOUR Reddit submission ranking in the top 10 results of 50 different long tail keywords. That can drive an INSANE amoun of organic traffic to your video!

So just buy the service now. Give us your URL and keywords you want to rank for and we'll do the rest!

Within about 5 minutes of our work, we will have your URL on the 1st page of Google within the top 10 results using Reddit!

Then, you can order again for another keyword for the same site or another site with the same keyword whatever you want!

And then again and again until you have multiple top 10 Google rankings for many different keywords!

Imagine how much extra traffic, sales, clients or clicks you will get.

For only $12 we are doing this. The price of a good cup of coffee to you. A service that will pay for itself many many times over!

That $12 spent will go on to help you earn it back many hundreds or thousands of times over!

Features of Our 1st Page Top 10 Google + Reddit Ranking Service
  • Will put your video or link on the 1st page of Google in the Top 10 results*.
  • This works best for YouTube videos but anything can work.
  • Creates permanent Do follow links to your site from Reddit.
  • Can be considered a 100% white hat method.
  • Can be repeated for multiple long tail keywords.
  • 100% safe and wont harm your rankings/reputation.
  • 100% money back guarantee if we can't rank you in top 100.**

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see the rankings?
We can start working immediately. We can be completed in about 5 minutes from starting depending on the complexity. Please give me at least 12-24 hours to deliver the service but I'll usually be done in a couple of hours at least.

What is your guarantee?
Here we can rank you in the top 10 if you are using a low-medium competition long-tail keyword. It depends on toughness but most times we'll get it in the top 50-100 anyway. We guarantee in fact to get it ranking in the top 100 or we will give you a refund no questions asked.

I don't know what keyword to use can you help me?
Yes! Just tell me one main keyword you want to rank for and I will keyword research the long-tails that are connected to it for you. I will then make a suggestion to you on which one to go with or just go with my instincts for you to help you in some way.

How long will it last?
As long as Reddit lasts! As long as Google keeps loving Reddit and ranking it high time and time again consistently. Your Reddit do follow Subreddit or Text Submission will last for ever. And what's more, the more it ages, the higher it will rank. Bringing you traffic and SEO value for years to come!

What if you get it top 50-100 and I'm not happy with that?
Guess what, I'll try it again, using another keyword, and keep trying until we get something ranking for you in the top 10. Unless you are happy with all the work we would have done for you already. We'll work together as a team on this to get you the results and make it happen!

What is a Low-Medium Competition Long Tail Keyword?
A long-tail keyword is a phrase that contains 3 or more keywords. So just as "Reddit ranking" is a short-tail keyword - "Best Google Reddit ranking method 2017" is a long-tail keyword. Long-tail keywords have less competition and are easier to rank using Reddit and our special secret method which we'll reveal to you.

Can I resell this service?
I prefer to work with my clients directly as nobody knows this service better than me. But you may resell this service using your Seocheckout affiliate link. Custom affiliate commission is 25%!

If you have any more questions send me a message.

So don't even hesitate!

Just Order Now and let us work our magic using the powerhouse that is Reddit which Google LOVES to rank high FAST!

Just give us your video URL and we'll do the rest and get back to you in no time.

We'll either try to get you ranking for your keywords or something else like it in the top 10 results!

Please read these Terms and Conditions Before ordering.

* Depending on the toughness (competition) of your keywords. This works best for low-medium competition, long-tail keywords and phrases that you want to rank for. For tougher competition keywords and phrases results may not be top 10 but could be in top 20's but definitely 100% showing in the top 100 search results guaranteed.
** If we don't get your video or website listed within top 100 search results using Reddit we will refund you your money back if you wish or try another keyword for you.

NOTE: While I do appreciate your order - Please don't order the service and just give me a single high competition keyword! Please read the service description properly. Don't just skim it! This service works well (top 10 well) for low to medium competition long tail keywords. We can't rank high competition keywords in the top 10. Maybe somewhere in the top 50 or top 100 at least it depends.

Speak to me if you want me to do some quick keyword research and suggest a low to medium competition long tail keyword for you to target.

Add extras to your order

If the seller fails to deliver the service in the specified time, the order will automatically cancel returning your funds.

Order Now ($12)
*includes the price of the service

User Ratings

  • guru623
    guru623 6 months ago

    i did not have a choice of the top 100 keywords or even less. the top 9
    keyword list is keywords already ranked in the top 100.
    i assume this works as i believe in your reviews.

    • idealmike

      I understand! It definitely works as you can see! It works well (top 10 well) for any low to medium competition long tail keywords. That much you can take to the bank. Even if it doesn't rank high, it will still help your video to rank higher for those keywords used in the link. Thanks again and to your success! A++++

  • kima27
    kima27 6 months ago

    Very grateful to Mike for his honest and professional service. Top notch seller here!

    • idealmike

      Thanks Kim for your order, business and kind feedback! It was a pleasure to work on your order for you and work with you on it too. Thanks again and to your success! A++++

  • avatar1434
    avatar1434 6 months ago

    very good communication skills was very helpful and patient

    • idealmike

      Thanks! To your success! Great client! A+++++

  • elias1
    elias1 6 months ago

    good job

    • idealmike

      Thanks that's the power of Reddit!

      Do order again so we can't rank more of those keywords!

  • Arystan
    Arystan 6 months ago

    Good JOB !!!

    • idealmike

      Thanks and welcome! A+++

  • yungw
    yungw 6 months ago

    Thank you so much excellent seller. Gave 100% effort though the entire process. Will do business again.

    • idealmike

      Thanks! And great! Anytime! Great client and a pleasure to work for! A++++

  • Hyps
    Hyps 7 months ago


    • idealmike

      Thanks! +1

  • keen2write
    keen2write 7 months ago

    Thankyou So much mike , Highly recommend to anyone wanting to promote there youtube video to climb the rankings will use again very soon mate thank you

    • idealmike

      Thanks a lot and you're very welcome! It was a pleasure to work on it for you and with you for that matter and I look forward to doing so again in the near future! Cheers! And to your success! A+++++

  • DayronV
    DayronV 7 months ago


    • idealmike

      Thanks for your business and enjoy your high rankings with Reddit! A+++

  • sopi7171
    sopi7171 7 months ago

    Everything went well, fast and well.
    Thank you


    • idealmike

      Thanks and do come again for us to rank more keywords higher also! A++++++

  • bigpromoter
    bigpromoter 7 months ago


    • idealmike

      Thanks for your business and to your success! A+++

  • hmseo
    hmseo 7 months ago


    So the first keyword - ​Desmond Kuek is good.

    But im not able to find the reddit link you shared on the first 3 pages.
    Will you be able to rank it up on page 1 for the keyword 'Desmond Kuek'.

    Reddit Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/desmondkuek/comments/5zqlug/desmond_kuek/
    Youtube Video: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K446MqltqGg

  • VenusFlyz
    VenusFlyz 7 months ago

    Thanks Mike

    • idealmike

      Always welcome VF! Always! A++++++++

  • MikeyLaps
    MikeyLaps 7 months ago

    Amazing seller! Amazing communication! Amazing work! Amazing work speed! Amazing price!

    Highly recommend Mike to all who wants to rank youtube videos! It is really works!

    Will place more orders in future ;)

    • idealmike

      Thanks Mikey for your kind feedback! It was a pleasure to work with you and work on your order for you as well. I found Mikey a very nice character to work with and I'm looking forward to taking more orders from him soon! Cheers! A++++

  • aamit78
    aamit78 7 months ago

    Another order Successfully completed by Mr. Mike - Expert of reddit !
    Best service for low competition keywords....
    Many of my keywords have been ranked by Mr. Mike on first page of google.
    However, you need to select your keywords carefully for best results!

    • idealmike

      Thanks once again Aamit! Another pleasurable order to work on! And yes, with some keyword research first it is possible to find many great keywords to target with this method. That's the power of Reddit!


  • robsoncunha
    robsoncunha 7 months ago

    Great guy and service! ;)

    • idealmike

      Thanks! Ditto! And I look forward to your next order and ranking more keywords for you! Thanks again and to your success! Great client! Great experience! A++++

  • lolso
    lolso 8 months ago

    Great service and great seller

    • idealmike

      Thanks! Great client very nice to work with and look forward to your next order to target more keywords! A+++

  • Ericjam
    Ericjam 8 months ago

    Thanks for your service. Excellent communication.

    • idealmike

      Thanks and to your success! A++++

Buyers Comments

  • idealmike

    Yes my friend. But would work for any search engine too probably!

    1 year ago
  • Homeenjoy

    Hi , sir .
    Could this use in any language keywords ? ( me -> Thailand )

    1 year ago
  • idealmike

    Hi yes probably but prefer to do it in English only.

    1 year ago
  • Mijan

    Can you rank the website with this service?

    1 year ago
  • idealmike

    Hi. It depends on the competition of the keywords of course but generally not for a new low authority site no. Google loves Reddit and YouTube.

    1 year ago
  • max1528

    Is this service still in place? I have a wordpress website in Brazilian, can you also put it on the first page of google to Brazil?

    11 months ago
  • idealmike

    Hi Max yes it's still in place as you can see. But this if for YouTube videos only. Please read service description fully.

    11 months ago
  • cmad

    on 1 keyword our hindi news site on 3rd page in google, on same keyword can rank on first page with your service,

    9 months ago
  • idealmike

    Hi cmad this service is for ranking a YouTube video only. We can rank any long tail low to medium competition keywords using this method. But probably yes!

    9 months ago
  • Zaxx21

    hello sir idealmike , is it ok that if i will give you a link website which you going to rank is not yet index on google? is that ok?

    8 months ago
  • TheRealRio

    I want to rank ONE of two video but not sure about which keyphase to use. If i gave you video and some ideas can you make a LTK to use for me and work with that?

    One video is about popcorn facts the other video is about android digital scales app

    8 months ago
  • idealmike

    Hi yep! Send me a message with the video link and we will research some for you.


    8 months ago
  • DEO29

    Do you have sample keywords and websites to show that you ranked?

    8 months ago
  • idealmike

    Yes but I don't give out clients sites/keywords without their permission and with this many positive reviews there is no need to. Send me your keywords in a PM and I'll let you know if they are doable or not.

    8 months ago
  • DEO29

    Please check PM.

    8 months ago
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