TubeTraffic Search Ranker V6.0 2020 Edition - Advanced Youtube Bot For Professional Youtubers for $74 $44

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Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server

TubeTraffic Search Ranker V6.0 2020 Edition - Advanced Youtube Bot For Professional Youtubers


Now selling our secret tool to rank #1 for higher competitive keywords.
This software already helped over 4000+ of our clients to rank their videos on youtube page #1.
And the success ration was 99%.
And we guarantee that this is only the super-advanced bot software available on the current market.
You Want to rank your video to page #1 BUT you are not sure if it really works? Check out our success stats :

You Want to buy this Software BUT you are not sure if it really works? Check out what our client says:

We are 3 people software developer team. We developed the most advanced video views bot that works for both in windows computers and Windows servers. Until now you only really had two choices to get views to your video.
  • get them yourself or
  • Pay someone to get them for you.
But From now you can start your own video ranking server that will send traffic to your video even when you sleep. We provide a free guide on how to set up you free windows server to generate unlimited traffic.
  • This is a step by step tutorial & can do anyone
  • Its very easy setting up your own TubeTraffic Server.

What's new in TubeTraffic Server 6.0
  • Work with Newly Uploaded Videos
  • Rank a video page#1
  • Multi Url's
  • Retry Links (If failed to deliver views)
  • Time type Minute
  • Internal Pages
  • Can work with non powerful Pc's
  • Multi threads

How it works:
  • It comes with an additional AI(Artificial intelligence) program. That looks for only working URLs.
  • sets a new IP every navigation using VPN.
  • Wait a random time.
  • Clear Browsing traces.
  • every new navigation it changes the user agent
  • 4000+ User-agent to make your Visit come From Different System, Browsers.
  • You need to set a referrer shortened URL so that youtube can see that all the traffic come from twitter, Facebook, etc.
* * * Please note that: this software uses proxy or VPN.

What comes with TubeTraffic bot
  • Bonus #1: Step by step tutorial on setting up your own free windows server for 1 years and its absolutely free of cost.
  • Bonus #2: A bonus bot value of 50$.
  • Bonus #3: Video URL Management system: Control all your video URLs from a single admin panel.
  • Complete Setup tutorial.
  • 6 months Updates for newer versions .
  • Extended license for unlimited PC use

What is the hardware requirements?
> This bot can work both in powerful and non powerfull Pc's. For non-powerfull Pc's you need to use the available options to reduce CPU uses. Every PC has limits that why there is an option to set up the numbers of multi-threads and the lite version. Its not logic if you put 50 threads for a non-powerful PC & less then 3 minute set in the time field.

What proxy i should use?
> Every time you want to run the bot please make sure to scrape fresh proxies. Must use HTTPS residential proxies that passed with youtube test. Also, be advised that we never recommend using of free publicly open proxies. If you do, use them entirely at your own risk.

Is your software work with google chrome or firefox?
  1. We stopped supporting google chrome & firefox after we realize that both browsers are connected to google safe browsing network:
  2. Probably google could be spying on your browser activity by using something like a backdoor technology. As a result, view drops.
  3. In this case, we use our own builtin bot browser to keep our client safe.

How many days to see the views?
It really depends on your IP quality. Also please Keep in mind that sometimes views take from 1 day to 3 days to appear in your video.

I set an infinite amount of views like "999999" and it stops after like 20 views. Why does the bot stop after some time with the message "done"?
> You're doing it the wrong way. You use the numbers field only with VPN only. If you select proxies option the bot will loop the number of proxies, not the number you entered.

How to set minimum & maximum retention?

If you have any questions regarding this bot, please contact me.

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