• Youtube monster views bot
  • Youtube monster views bot
  • Youtube monster views bot

Version: 01

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server

Additional Requirements



Browsers Supported


This page does not contain psychological sales triggers, fake scarcity

or 15 minutes of urgency.If you need those things to make a purchase

decision – you are in the wrong place.

Until now you only really had two choices to get views to your youtube video
.1. get them yourself or

2. Pay someone to get them for you.

Youtube monster bot what it does?

sets a new IP every navigation using VPN or Proxy.

Wait a random time.

Clear Browsing traces.

every new navigation it change user agent

4000+ Useragent to make your Visit come From Different System, Browsers.

what comes with Youtube monster bot

Free Proxy scraper tool.

a bonus bot value of 26$.

if you want a million youtube views please don't buy this bot.

For more questions or a custom bot feel free to contact me

User Ratings

  • cyrilmaalouly
    cyrilmaalouly 21 hours ago

    Another question
    this bot can bring how many views per video?

    • geniusbots

      views depends on how much threads and watch time you set up and internet speed

  • xiyu
    xiyu 5 days ago

    Yea guys, im not joking this bot work really well!! Thank you so much and i really recomended!!

    • geniusbots

      thank you I really appreciate you honest world you were excellent buyer

  • Naruto1412
    Naruto1412 8 days ago

    thank you this helped me alot

    • geniusbots

      You are welcome anytime

  • clifton19
    clifton19 22 days ago

    such a good and helpful guy ...very good software also works AAA++

  • Practical
    Practical 26 days ago

    Great guy, Great seller, gives quick replies.

    The bot is amazing, and the tutorial videos are very helpful, I ran into some difficulties. But the explanation the seller gives is great! Especially since we can set 'Time Duriation' more watch time, is being more recommended by YouTube, it's a win-win!

    Definitely buy from him, it's worth every dollar!!

    I can finally elevate my YouTube videos to a higher level.

    Thank You GeniusBots.

    • geniusbots

      Thank you paractical really appreciate your kind words your welcome anytime.
      you were a great buyer

  • YouWillLoveMe
    YouWillLoveMe 29 days ago

    trying t now

    • geniusbots

      Ok if you have any questions or problem feel free to contact me 

  • megastar
    megastar 1 month ago

    Please respond asap. Thank you..

    • geniusbots

      Check inbox

  • Fyler7777
    Fyler7777 1 month ago

    Quick, kept updated on the info needed. ty

    • geniusbots

      Your welcome

  • pstreamteam
    pstreamteam 2 months ago

    Great! Thank you.

    • geniusbots

      You're most welcome

  • J0K3Rx92
    J0K3Rx92 2 months ago

    Very fast Seller! Nice Communication, and great support always.
    Thank you! I want to buy more soon =)

  • shyamasundari
    shyamasundari 2 months ago

    Thanks for this...
    Program working fine...

    • geniusbots

      You're welcome

        You were an excellent buyer

    • SolidRock
      SolidRock 2 months ago

      Very good Seller and Great Product!
      The Product is Simple, but what I really like about that Product is that I can add the Proxies I want and set the time of the Videos. Whoever programmed that software is a very intelligent person!
      This Seller replies to my questions and is very helpful.

      I highly recommend this Seller if you want to grow your YouTube Channel.

      • geniusbots

        Thank you really appreciate your kind words;
        You were an excellent buyer

    • magicpromo
      magicpromo 2 months ago

      we will keep chating on the message tab i will leave this order completed,great comunnication top tools 5 stars

      • geniusbots

        Thank you you were a great understanding buyer, feel free to contact me anytime you need help.

    • pups123
      pups123 2 months ago

      оk ! all good

      • geniusbots

        Your welcome . If you need any help feel free to contact me

        you were a good buyer

    • youtubepro23
      youtubepro23 2 months ago

      Good job. He said he would give life-long support.

      • geniusbots

        Thank you,

        Yes  You have a life time support and updates, feel free to ask anytime you need help

    • bananaidea
      bananaidea 2 months ago

      Where to buy Thai proxy and how can I use VPS ???

    • deltanite
      deltanite 3 months ago

      amazing seller! I am truely happy! he is very responsive & Genuine! First bot that really works and Not Fake

      • geniusbots

        Thank you deltanite You were an amazing buyer very understanding and petient  and if you have any other questions feel free to Msg me any time.

    • dragoshi144
      dragoshi144 3 months ago

      Thank you very much, awesome support, downloaded the app and also received more than I expected, I like the bot so far, thank you again, I was looking for a youtube bot for a while!

      • geniusbots

        Really happy to hear those kind words if you need any help feel free to ask

        you were an exelen costumer

    • grupoorishas
      grupoorishas 3 months ago

      THE SELLER: Excellent customer service, good communication, I'm happy with his attention.

      THE PROGRAM: Not so good, Basic program, you have to put the username everytime you use it, at first it didn't work but then it fixed itself, I had to buy the private proxies from the other software indicated on the package, some views drop after a while so you have to do it again, this program is slow, it you go above 20 threads it will probably freeze or crash on you.  I give this software 3 stars

    • amer11
      amer11 3 months ago

      thanks much very nice

      • geniusbots

        Your very welcome

    Buyers Comments

    • geniusbots

      When you order i send you a pack of what you need attachched with video tutorials and i walk you step by step and it has a simple graphical user interface

      3 months ago
    • marius98

      Does the boot work today ? 06/09/2018

      2 months ago
    • geniusbots

      Yes it works fine I always keep my bots updated

      2 months ago
    • lucasdj444

      Hi, i would like to ask how many views it can generate in a day? can u please give me an aproximate ? Thank you

      2 months ago
    • geniusbots

      the views depends on how much threads and watch time you set up

      2 months ago
    • adilk0870

      is it safe and how much views i can get

      2 months ago
    • geniusbots

      Yes its safe and views depends on how much threads and watch time you set up

      2 months ago
    • adilk0870

      did i need my own Youtube channel account how much account i can add there

      2 months ago
    • Villain

      Do I need a list of real g-mail accounts to be able to use the software?

      2 months ago
    • geniusbots

      If you have any questions feel free to contact me

      2 months ago
    • yeapchinkhim

      youtube bot can use..............?youtube can lock youtube view............?

      2 months ago
    • Roberto1998

      Hello, with this program can I get 1mil views per day? it comes with tutorial teaching how to use?

      2 months ago
    • sarko

      hello I would like to buy you a software to increase the views on youtube (1 million) how to contact you privately?

      2 months ago
    • geniusbots

      sorry it wont give you a million views

      2 months ago
    • J0K3Rx92

      can i test a demo version or something? 36$ are a lot of money for me.

      2 months ago
    • Orderus3

      is it working with windows 7 and how much views can i get per hour ?

      21 days ago

      Does this bot work with the new YouTube update?

      19 days ago
    • wwhmarketing

      Can this bot do ctr like search keyword in Youtube, click video and watch?

      15 days ago
    • geniusbots

      Yes theire is an CTR option in the bot the search for the video and click on it

      14 days ago
    • Naruto1412

      can this bot make my watch time go up so I can be at 4k watch time im at 1k now

      8 days ago
    • Naruto1412

      what does the (min wait) and (max wait) stand for ? and i dont have any agents and do i have to have vpn on and proxy ? or just one

      8 days ago
    • Naruto1412

      do i have to leave my laptop on while it start ?

      8 days ago
    • geniusbots

      Yes you need to leave your laptom on

      8 days ago
    • Naruto1412

      im confuse with the max watch time and min watch time thats the video right ?

      8 days ago
    • geniusbots

      Put the minmum seconds and the muximum your video had in seconds i
      Exp> if you have a video duration 5 min Put from minimum to 5 minutes

      8 days ago
    • adilarif

      Any Review Copy or free trail available?

      5 days ago
    • geniusbots

      Sorry theire is no Demo but bot work fine

      5 days ago
    • bitcoin3364

      Will it work now? I'd like to see a sample video.

      2 days ago
    • bitcoin3364

      How much will the view go up in an hour?

      2 days ago
    • geniusbots

      you need to understand that the views depends on how much threads and watch time you set up and internet speed

      2 days ago
    • edotel01

      is there any trial ? $56 is too much for a bot So I need to know if this bot really works before going ahead and paid this amount for it...

      2 days ago
    • geniusbots

      Sorry there is no Demo but the bot work fine and no one has ever complained about it.

      2 days ago
    Youtube monster views bot is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 35 user reviews.
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