• Crypto Currency Investing
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Crypto currency is getting popular these days when bitcoin touches the all time high of 13000$. We are left with Altcoins!!

Learn how to invest in altcoins and find the right investment for you. There are amazing altcoins out there and it's time to invest them. Find out how to choose these coins from the list of 1330 companies/ideas. Happy investing and this is your guide for picking amazing multi-baggers.

Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents


  3. Introduction. 4

  4. Howto make the best investment in crypto-currencies?. 7

  5. Chartreading is an art. 11

  6. Howto buy the best coin? (Practical Method) 15

  7. ResistanceAnd Support, Why you need to know it?. 17

  8. Margintrading is a big NO.. 19

  9. 2ideas4coins. 22

  10. Patienceis the key. 26

  11. Getthe Latest News and Don’t Panic. 29

  12. Whycrypto investing is the best option?. 32

  13. Whatif goes to zero?. 34

  14. Resources. 37

Excerpt from the eBook

Thanks forpurchasing my e-book about crypto currency investing and I highly appreciate
your efforts. This book is an outline and should not be tested without prior
knowledge. Here are some tactics to manage your money and get profits in the
long term.

I have triedmy best to put things in simpler terms and you will find the easiest way to
invest with the coins. Learn about support and resistance to save your money
from the worst plunge.

There are nostraight tips on particular crypto currency. These are methods from the same
way as buying stocks and I am a regular stock trader. The chart patterns work
all the time and it’s similar with both stocks and currency.

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