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I urgently require the services of an Enlish to German native translator fo...

  • hanga2019
    hanga2019 Level 1
  • Translat, Translat

    Need translation for android app store listing in different languages.You c...

  • instafall
    instafall Level 1
  • Freelanc

    I need help to get my rankings on Google higher on the list, please. My web...

  • TemptedProdigy
    TemptedProdigy Level 3
  • Website, Websitet, Websites

    Somali Swahili, Haitian Creole, Chinese and Mandarin. Native professional e...

  • YasirAli1
    YasirAli1 Level 1
  • Haitian, Chinese, Mandarin

    Hello everyone, I need this powerpoint file translated within 24h, I need ...

  • mshowoff
    mshowoff Level 1
  • Translat, Articlew, Articlet

    I require 210 page monograph to be translated from German into English. Thi...

  • Hondy
    Hondy Level 1
  • Translat, German, English

    get in touch asap with corrections option its interviews text native dutch ...

  • YasirAli1
    YasirAli1 Level 1
  • Translat, Dutch, English

    We need to translate an English white paper to Arabic. Details of white pap...

  • naderc
    naderc Level 1
  • Translat

    I ll translate up to 1000 word from English to Arabic and vice versa with p...

  • alaa1111
    alaa1111 Level 1
  • Translat, Wordpres, Arabic

    i need some on for transcribe 35 minutes audio i need some on for transcrib...

  • creative2018
    creative2018 Level 1
  • Transcri, Other, Translat

    I want someone who understands Swahili and can transcribe 30 minute clear a...

  • Reliableworks
    Reliableworks Level 1
  • English, Swahili

    Dear client, I am joining this platform as a data entry worker. I want to c...

  • pk805480
    pk805480 Level 1
  • Dataentr, Pdf, Copy

    Hello, Native Proofreaders for French,Spanish,German,Russian,Chinese Needed...

  • YasirAli1
    YasirAli1 Level 1
  • Proofrea, Translat, Native

    I want to transcribe a YouTube video https: watch?v 9AtXLpD...

  • jainprateek795
    jainprateek795 Level 1
  • Translat

    Native Translators for every language pairs are needed asap with lowest rat...

  • YasirAli1
    YasirAli1 Level 1
  • Professi, Translat, Native

    Some Medical terms Translation From English to Indian Punjabi Script needed...

  • YasirAli1
    YasirAli1 Level 1
  • Indian, Punjabi, Translat

    I need call job english i.need virtual assistence English TALk you reply fo...

  • josiereis
    josiereis Level 1
  • Verifica, Virtual, Service

    I can write any types of articles 1 dollar for each articles language Arabi...

  • fareswael233
    fareswael233 Level 1
  • Translat, Article, Articlew

    I m looking for a translator able to translate 1384 words from english or f...

  • toibiza
    toibiza Level 1
  • Translat

    Need translate from English to Arabic content for adult website 18 500 word...

  • andigo
    andigo Level 1
  • Arabian, Translat

    Dear, I am looking for someone to translate my script phrases from English ...

  • alsharyani
    alsharyani Level 3
  • Translat

    I need a native Chinese speaker who also speaks English. The person I m loo...

  • prmike39
    prmike39 Level 1
  • Translat, Writer

    Je traduirai pour vous toutes sortes de documents, présentations, rapports...

  • maabdou
    maabdou Level 1
  • Translat

    studied English for 12 years thats make me capable of translating pages,tex...

  • Mimi04
    Mimi04 Level 1
  • Translat

    I have been learning English for 11 years and French for 17 years. Arabic i...

  • mouradjeami
    mouradjeami Level 1
  • Translat

    Translate user manual English to French 386 words i think this is easy job ...

  • Skynet88
    Skynet88 Level 1
  • Translat, Freelanc

    Ù Ù ØªØ Ø Ø Ø¹Ù Ø Ù ØªØ Ø Ù Ø Ø Ù Ù Ù Ù ÙŠØ Ùˆ...

  • Rachid01
    Rachid01 Level 1
  • Translat

    Ù Ù ØªØ Ø Ø Ø¹Ù Ø Ù ØªØ Ø Ù Ø Ø Ù Ù Ù Ù ÙŠØ Ùˆ...

  • Rachid01
    Rachid01 Level 1
  • Translat

    graduated in languages, Fluency in at Least Two Languages, Written and Verb...

  • ismailben84
    ismailben84 Level 1
  • Translat, Writing, Blogging

    Hello I would need the following translations: English -> PortugueseEngl...

  • PBGroup
    PBGroup Level 5
  • Translat, Portugue, Spanish


  • funstimebest
    funstimebest Level 1
  • Writing, Youtube, Transcri

    Hi - I m looking to work with an accent coacher to improve my English USA a...

  • smartisluck
    smartisluck Level 1
  • Translat

    Hello there! I m Nizar and I am a fluent French speaker I have a DALF C1 wh...

  • nizarhan
    nizarhan Level 1
  • Delf

    Writing: I will write here articles and blog posts in english. Translation:...

  • smhassan23
    smhassan23 Level 1
  • Writing, Translat

    Hi i have a hand written letter in hebrew Some of it is in english and some...

  • 234234
    234234 Level 3
  • Translat, Articlet, Translat

    WE re a group of friends very motivated to work with you guys. We have the ...

  • zinebzr
    zinebzr Level 1
  • Writing, Translat, Voice

    Hello i need to translate an approximately 200 words text from english to s...

  • diago01
    diago01 Level 1
  • Translat

    I need someone to translate 2000 english words to german

  • Zibibi
    Zibibi Level 1
  • Translat, English, German

    I need a correct French translator of the following texts. Can not be used ...

  • reginaldosc
    reginaldosc Level 1
  • Translat, Professi

    I need a translator for the correct Italian of the following texts. Can not...

  • reginaldosc
    reginaldosc Level 1
  • Translat, Professi