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User Ratings

  • s3ochampz
    s3ochampz 3 months ago

    Seller delivered what was promised. If he keeps to his delivery date then the work is perfect.

  • wokxchnge
    wokxchnge 4 years ago

    This is my third order so far from shaarx. I am always satisfied with their work. The prices are very reasonable and I have always seen great results from the work performed. Highly recommended.

  • anoos
    anoos 4 years ago

    update please

    • shaarx

      Check your Message your Keywords are there


  • GetSocial
    GetSocial 4 years ago

    Very good service with comprehensive keyword research. This seller is really good, just make it clear exactly what you want and he will deliver! Highly recommended.

  • GetSocial
    GetSocial 4 years ago

    Excellent keyword research delivered in Excel spreadsheet format. Good job.

  • Migue67
    Migue67 4 years ago

    Excellent service to analyze related keywords and also my competition . I'm very happy and completely Shaarx recommend. Good job.

  • audiophile
    audiophile 4 years ago

    Good work again Sharx than you

  • brgh
    brgh 4 years ago

    another great service for shaarx great content on the keyword research absolutely great stuff recommend to any one who wants there web site to rank higher and better

  • vovanaf
    vovanaf 4 years ago

    Very good gig, as expected. A very detailed and well organized repost has been provided by the seller with a lot of potential keywords. Going to boost our traffic with these results now. Thanks

  • bubuk
    bubuk 4 years ago

    This is a great new service from Shaarx, then anyone can create and look up keywords, but getting the right ones and in such detail with all the in depth research this service offered us is piratically impossible. We are now have the information at hand and a choice of great keywords to work with moving forward. Highly recommended gig A++.

  • angel7s
    angel7s 7 years ago

    Great work!will use again!

Buyers Comments

  • GraficaDC

    Hello ! I wonder if their service works for keywords in Portuguese from Brazil to my site

    4 years ago
  • rowdyamin

    hi can we contact with each other in fb,.???

    4 years ago
  • shaarx

    No kindly do make all conversation here on Seocheckout Only.


    4 years ago
  • daelfaysa

    Are you still sell this service?

    2 years ago
  • gurdeepsingh


    I am looking for Travel Agency domain name which will be for bookings Ex - Flights,Hotels,Cars,Cruise,Tour etc...

    Domain name should be catchy and easy to say, PR, & Cost of domain should be between £1-£80 as well ?

    2 years ago
  • blackstuffws

    can you find keywords for website

    2 years ago
  • sidsol38

    Don't buy this gig, Seller provided Russian backlinks and all my rankings went down

    And my site disappeared from search engine!

    1 year ago
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