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Polite notice for potential clients (please read carefully);
This service is for the Google search engine.
Non-English languages ACCEPTED
High rankings in Google does not always guarantee traffic or sales.
Please do not expect to rank on the first page of Google for highly competitive terms such as "make money online" or "internet marketing" for example.
Seo competition cannot be accurately measured in the Google adwords keyword tool, or by the number of results pages.
Please contact us prior to purchasing if you would like to know the competitiveness of your desired target keywords. The choice of keywords to target is your responsibility. If you are unsure what keywords to target, or would like a list of low/medium comp variations, we do provide a Killer Keyword Research service.
This service is for 1 target keyword, with an optional 2 secondary keywords
Handwritten article included (begins January 16th, 2017).
Report not provided for the 10 PBN extra
Page Rank is not the position of your website in the search engine.
This service may not improve Page Rank. (Please look up "Google Page Rank" for further clarification)
I cannot be responsible for ranking penalties if you are using another service.
Backlinks do not appear instantly in Google and software used to analyze backlinks may not detect all backlinks to your site.
Backlinks report provided upon completion Be reasonable and polite with me, and you will see just how beneficial I can be for you and your online business!

Your displayed Response Times seem very slow, does this mean you have poor support?
Not at all. The response times (on the left), are worked out using the "average" time if takes for us to respond in the ORDER form after purchase, not the "conversations inbox" which we use as our support channel.
Due to the multiple subscription packages that are automatically generated across the services, these particular order forms DO NOT usually permit a response each time and therefore, automatically lower our displayed response time.
Updated ranking examples below

The following examples prove that the Alpha PLUS is working very well throughout the latest Google updates in 2018.

Space below reserved for Frequently Asked Questions.

How Many Keywords Do You Accept?

Although I can accept up to 5 "target" keywords, this service is optimized to work best when used with up to 3 keywords?.

You might find other services that accept MORE keywords, but for each keyword, I scrape hundreds of LSI keywords, for a MASSIVE mix of relevancy and most importantly, to keep your site safe.

Here is an example of LSI keywords scraped for 1 target keyword.

Please note that the link structure above changes slightly from week to week, to avoid any possible footprints.
To place an order, please click the ORDER BUTTON BELOW or at the top left hand side of this page. Thanks again!


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User Ratings

  • mypkhost
    mypkhost 4 days ago

    Total Fake, no Quality backlinks and no ranking Improvements

    • BarryinSiam

      hi there. Please understand that you're in a very competitive niche (server and hosting) and you need to be patient. There is nothing fake about the service, but if you do not contact me or the team, then it's difficult to know how to help. I have sent a PM- hope to hear from you shortly

  • renex
    renex 4 days ago


  • edinagardos
    edinagardos 19 days ago

    Thank you Barry and Team. Great service, very professional. All the links are there. Will order again.

  • karanbhagat
    karanbhagat 28 days ago

    Upon my request and negative review, the team approached me that they will help me get the solution and provide the satisfaction that I was looking for.

    Work is being done and I will update this review as soon as it's completed. Let's hope for the best and see if I get what I was looking for.

    • BarryinSiam

      Hi sorry to see your disappointment- our communication thread is 41 messages long so you weren't ignored. We did your keyword research for FREE before the campaign, but it doesn't look like any on-page SEO was configured either. I'm happy to refund you and guide you further, but please understand that we can't be on call 24 hours a day and the competition for this term is HUGE https://www.

  • Benecci
    Benecci 2 months ago

    top work as always

    APAPORN 2 months ago


  • miu5
    miu5 2 months ago

    Very nice to meet Barry. Thank u for good work and i hope in long term cooperation in future next, thank u regards

  • ankush2415
    ankush2415 3 months ago

    Hey Barry, Yet our Backlinks are not working for which we had paid to you. Please ensure the activation time for the backlinks which you did.

    • BarryinSiam

      Hey there,

      Could you please rephrase this and send me a PM. Once I know what the issue is, I can fix this for you.

      thanks in advance and hope to speak to you shortly.

      Best regards

  • Lynne
    Lynne 3 months ago

    Thank you for another exceptional service - I can see an increase in traffic already. I am so looking forward to seeing the long term results which always blow me away with this service.

  • sinhkh87
    sinhkh87 4 months ago

    Three keywords are still not list on google search after you have done SEO. how long it will affect to Google search?

    • BarryinSiam

      Hi there
      the links have only recently been created so we need to wait till they index. I'll talk to you over on PM to explain a bit more and you'll see your rankings increase over the coming weeks.
      hope that helps answer your concern

Buyers Comments

  • Totem

    Hello there. Are you seo for Turkey?

    9 months ago
  • netcatseo

    Hello ,
    i have to upgrade my seo authority and social engagement.
    Need psw of my website ?
    Can deliver link building in next 48?

    9 months ago
  • middleendvevo

    If i build a trading site will be possible to be reached by visitors from italy and indonesia just?

    9 months ago
  • magnum

    I want to be sure on a few issues.

    do I apply for the Turkish word andfor "google.com.tr"?

    with this service Is there a first page guarantee on The word I want

    Is there guarantee about the length of stay on the first page?

    thank you

    9 months ago
  • hasan720

    hey whats your service about?

    9 months ago
  • sdastag

    Hey Barry, can you reply to my PM please

    8 months ago
  • anthonyleolin

    hi , i want to buy your service, would you have time do it now?
    contact me

    8 months ago
  • ainchams

    Hi, my website https://www.limostar.be/ in French it's about limousine business services in Brussels Can this work for me

    8 months ago
  • mcloud268

    Hi, I want to buy from you but I need to know if you have any site that you don't do. If you can do this for any type of website and keywords I will surely get this service from you. Please reply or contact me asap thanks.

    8 months ago
  • NiceD2017


    Is there a guarantee? Like do you offer refund if there is no movement in SERP?

    7 months ago
  • BarryinSiam

    Hi there thanks for your interest in my services.
    yes, the guarantee is noted on the service page.
    let me know if you need anything else.
    Best regards

    7 months ago
  • WebWorkEuropa

    Hello !

    I made a purchase, and it's been 2 months already and I see absolutely no improvement !!!
    Nothing at all !!! (((

    7 months ago
  • mm34505

    you wont this is all spam links with horrible anchors and 90% of these links will be dead in 2 months get a refund

    7 months ago
  • WebWorkEuropa

    This is a lie ! It's useless, it does not work! I regret spending money ...

    7 months ago
  • BarryinSiam

    Sorry to hear that this wasn't effective.
    Please contact me via the inbox and I'll see what we can do.

    Best regards

    7 months ago
  • Dansoz

    can you please share me some works details done before. i have 5 works in total, but believe you only after seeing some good work results

    7 months ago
  • BarryinSiam

    Hi Dansoz

    I will contact you via PM and provide you with what you need.


    7 months ago
  • crazylandd

    Buy this package, when time is out Barry just ignore me, haven't done anything. So I just spend my time. Happy to see my money back...

    7 months ago
  • BarryinSiam


    I haven't seen any messages on the inbox, but we do respond within 24 hours latest in most cases.

    Please contact me via the inbox and one of us will get back to you asap

    7 months ago
  • BarryinSiam

    im not trying to make excuses but I do apologize for the Inconvenience here.
    I would just like to resolve the issues for you so we can hopefully move forward positively.

    7 months ago
  • retzl


    can you rank up my new site?


    it is a wordpress blog site.

    Can you help me with SEO of my site and my youtube channel belongs to this site together???


    6 months ago
  • BarryinSiam

    Hi Robert, thanks for your interest in my services.

    I will send you a message to your inbox so we can discuss it privately.

    Thanks again and speak shortly

    Best regards

    6 months ago
  • nikfilo

    Barry do you do country target SEO SMO optimisation. I need it for my belgium clients for the website traffic and keyword (organic)

    6 months ago
  • galib

    Hi BarryinSiam
    Pls Can you give me short note what I get from this service - I little bit confused -you have written many things with video etc, etc
    Do you cover also on page SEO?

    6 months ago
  • Schiano7

    Hi, Can you please send me sample of the job done?

    5 months ago
  • SilentFixer

    We would like to rank for Arabic keywords for our car classified website here in Dubai, 50% of the keywords are on 2nd page, do you see beneficial improvement using your service ?

    4 months ago
  • pleexer

    hi barry ........ i want to buy your service ....if possible please send me sample report...... and 1 another question can i used this service for my youtube channel...........

    3 months ago
  • miu5

    hello, i`m interesting buy it w combination of other yr packages. PM sent, pls check it and let me know asap,then i can send order, thanks regards

    3 months ago
  • mikeinvest

    Please send a sample report. I am interested.

    3 months ago
  • websiter

    Please send a sample report

    2 months ago
  • junior805

    Hi Barry, I'm looking to use your service, as I have an E commerce Web-store and I'm looking to Rank to top of goggle but only in the United Kingdom, Is this something your able todo ?

    Regards Junior

    2 months ago

    Hello Barry,

    I've been awaiting your reply to my query since 3 months and earlier, our last message to you was 19 January 2018. Be courteous enough to reply to your customers.
    Acknowledge our query with some steadfastness, kindly take us to the bottom of the broken links (more than 50) in total package of 200.

    Awaiting your prompt response.


    1 month ago
  • mamunvdesk

    Hi there, i will never ming to pay your price. but few qiestion >

    1. how long stay
    2. withmy keyword
    3 any black hat


    19 days ago
  • BarryinSiam

    Hi there

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    Let's discuss this over on PM.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards

    10 days ago
  • ara925

    Im new to SEO i have a shopify store and just wondering how hard would it be to rank for diamond rings ?

    Would like to talk to you more in DMs

    Thank you for your time and have a good day

    Kind regards

    2 days ago
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