• 150 High DA/TF Blog Posts Links From Our PBN Sites
  • 150 High DA/TF Blog Posts Links From Our PBN Sites
You already know that the latest most effective way to achieve Google top 10 rankings is by using 150 quality High DA/TF backlinks from private blog network (PBN). You can't rank in competitive niches anymore without using these SEO kind of links. We were being proud to be the first to offer Hundreds of quality links from our PBN beast sites that deliver results on your site.

  • 100% rapid indexing
  • Homepage OBL is max of 10-25 OBLs.
  • Do-follow permanent links
  • Mandated Drip feed (15-30 days)
  • Trust me : 197 A-class IPs, 249 B-Class IPs, 472 C-Class IPs
  • Different server and name server for each domain
  • Mix and Privatized owner detils
  • No interlinking between sites
  • We check for problem such as sites de-indexing and will do links removal free of charge. This way you will never get penalized by using these links
  • Distinctive CMS - Mostly Wordpress

it is your right to know what you have paid for, of course you can keep looking at the rank tracking link we offer to your (serpbook). But please never expect report from us but results!.

Do not order if you looking for link report!

When we start posting the post we will give you this serpbook link tracking and we mark your order as complete, you will see ranking improve in 3-4 weeks. If you agree with this, you can order.


F.A.Q :

How many URLs and keywords allowed?
We allow 1 URL and 3 Keywords max.

How long post will stay in the homepage?
Your post will remain on the site's homepage for about a week and then will roll off to inner page PERMANENTLY.

Do you provide reports?

Are there any sites that you don't accept?
We don't accept gambling, pharmacy, warez & adult sites.

Do you accept foreign websites/keywords?
Yes, we do.

User Ratings

  • Lition7
    Lition7 10 months ago

    Didn't see results after 1 month after ordering, asked the seller about this and he never replied

    Update: The bad review was because u never answered me after ordering. Can't be right one need to leave a bad review to receive a reply...

    • munfaridon

      3 of your keywords is no where in serp before your order and now one of your keyword is in 37th.

  • TOPZ
    TOPZ 1 year ago

    Super Tnx Man! I will check how it will work for my website!

  • rudylim30
    rudylim30 2 years ago

    Sir i ask for his bother sir please help thx

  • punaneh
    punaneh 2 years ago

    how do i check my on page?

  • stark710
    stark710 3 years ago

    Outstanding experience,ll look forward to see SERP bumbs

  • majo2
    majo2 3 years ago

    thank you very much

  • majo2
    majo2 3 years ago

    thank you very much

Buyers Comments

  • munfaridon

    We dont give report to protect our network and make it more save for a long term for our client. You can always check with MajesticSEO or AHrefs or similar tools, we also give rank tracking links from serpbook.com to monitor your ranking. It is different domain, permanent.

    4 years ago
  • vindoint

    are your blogs like xxx.blogpost.com or xxx.wordpress.com ?

    4 years ago
  • simba21c

    Will u accept adult site? Actually my one is korea escort site..

    4 years ago
  • simba21c

    my web site is aaaseoulescort.com

    4 years ago
  • girmal5

    What is the average DA and PA?
    What is The TF and CF
    Can you send some samples too?
    Do you also guarantee that all Links will index?

    4 years ago
  • munfaridon

    avarage DA/PA 20+
    TF/CF 10+
    To protect our network and our client rank we keep it for ourself, so no sample and no report
    Yes we make sure to use very uniques 90% each post to get them index

    4 years ago
  • shahria

    i need 150 unique site 150 unique blog post, i will provide articles, kw, links etc

    3 years ago
  • munfaridon

    you have to provide article in spun format , sample : i can make {best|good|great} article

    3 years ago
  • jaumjauh

    hallo munfaridon chat inbox saya please..

    3 years ago
  • escortsclub

    Hello I wonder if you accept escorts site Brazil

    3 years ago
  • punaneh

    will this work even if im just an affiliate on this site : http://250cashmachine.com/fredericky/

    2 years ago
  • munfaridon

    depend on many factor, and we your site even dont index, and we only sell blog post and can not guarantee top 10 ranking.

    2 years ago
  • punaneh

    do i have to provide the article to post?

    2 years ago
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