• Provide you 10 High Authority Niche Sites List Who Accept Guest Posts
If you are looking for some serious SEO , this SERVICE is best for you.

Forget about thousands of crap links those are not going to help you rank on Google?

Forget about PBNs those are going to hurt your ranking sooner or Later?

Forget about not-working SEO strategies, those only pull your money for no results.

Here I am talking about something, that will rocket your ranking to the top 3 on Google. The strategy that TOP marketers apply to achieve those high volume traffic and rank, that all website owner dreaming for.

So What type of links actually have the highest value?

If you get a link from a blog which is already established and that is relevant to your niche(market) then , the one link will be enough to push your ranking to top page. Yes, Only 1 link from that kind of website.

Don't believe me, See yourself;-

You see, you don't have to build 1000's of links to rank on Google. Quality and relevancy matters.

That's why 99% of website owners fail to rank.

Here my service.
I will research and provide 10 high authority blogs list of your niche, who accept guest posts. You will get the complete list with suggestion on how to submit your post on their site.

The blogs list I am going to provide are

1- High quality blogs of your Niche (So that you will get quality and relevant link)
2- Managed by real persons and have good amount of traffic
3- Real sites with good alexa ranking
4- You will get immense trust flow from the site, that will help your site gain high authority and increase in both ranking and traffic

What you have to do after getting the list

1- Write a good quality content that is well researched (Don't try to send them scraped or poorly written article, they will not accept)
2- Send the blog owner a guest blog request attaching your article.
3- Make changes to the article, if they ask before publishing.

And when they approve your content, Get ready to see a big Jump in Google ranking.
Don't hesitate to give it a try. Yes, it will need some effort from your part. Because this is Real SEO.
But, if you don't do something different from your competitors, you are not going to rank on first page with crappy links.
Stop building 1000's of links those may seem cheap to you. You will end up losing all money for no rank, no result.
If you are serious about getting your website 1st page for your targeted keyword, then do this thing. There is no second thought.

Here is the guest blogging process:-

Are you belongs to any of the niche?
Check your niche
If yes, then I can help you get 10 best sites where you can do guest blogging for a backlink to your site.

Here is a sample of tech blogs those accept guest posts - (Look at their authority level)

For Real results and ranking, you have to follow the real working ways. Guest blogging is the most natural and effective way to get backlinks and traffic.

These kind of backlinks have immense power.

It may take you 15 days to create 1 link from these kind of blogs, but that single link can put your site on top page of Google.So it's better to focus on creating 1 high quality link, rather than rely on thousands of automated spammy links, those will never going to help you rank.

Order this service If :-
1- If you have enough budget to create quality contents that can be approved by these blogs. As they don't allow low quality posts. (You can hire someone to write the content)
2- If your own site is qualitative (Nobody wants to link a low quality site. so first make sure your own site is worth of linking and your own contents)
3- Sometime these blog owners charge few dollars ($45-$75) to edit and format your content before publishing, as to ensure the quality. So you have to ready for that.
4- If you are a serious marketer and truly wants establish your site, then this is for you. (Long term results)

Don't Order this service If:-
1- If your own site is very low quality.
2- You don't have long term plans for the site
3- You don't want to put money on your website and SEO

Please note- Only English sites.

If you have any questions, Just send a message.
Lets take your website to 1st page...

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